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Donna Chillari is the President and Senior Staff Coordinator of our Computer Forensics Division within the company.

Donna Chillari has worked for international law firms designing computer networks and implementing the paperless office. As a result of her professional expertise, Donna Chillari skills has contributed to our clients success by becoming more efficient in their network operations which resulted into a higher profitability for most of the clients.

In addition, Donna Chillari has applied her computer skills in many civil and criminal cases that resulted with success in completing the client’s objective.

Donna Chillari has recovered critical data and documented evidence for criminal defense attorneys. During Donnas’ tenure, she has worked a variety of computer forensic cases involving white collar crimes to homicide cases.

Most recently, Donna Chillari has obtained a professional license as a Nurse in the State of Pennsylvania and is applying her computer skills in the medical field including in Civil and Criminal Computer Forensics.

Donna Chillari is a Veteran of our United States Army. She was honorably discharged in 1984.

Donna Chillari has an Associate’s Degree in Computer Science and continues further education in Computer Forensics. She is currently pursuing her Bachelors of Science degree.